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I fat shame. I won’t body shame.

In my mind there is a big difference between being Body Positive, and Fat Acceptance. I do not tolerate fat acceptance, I do not tolerate those that are willing to settle and just accept the cards they have dealt themselves.

ANAD pledge

In college I joined a sorority; it’s the hip thing to do as a co-ed in higher education. My particular sorority had an entire week promoting body acceptance and self-confidence. I struggled with this because the girls had a hard time separating fat acceptance and body acceptance.  I had no interest in loving me simply because this was the body I was in today, I wanted to love me because I could be better, and I was strong enough to be better. I am capable of growth. I had no interest in telling a friend she was beautiful and that guy’s a jerk when she huffed and puffed up a flight of stairs in the house.


I will accept myself as I am.

Let’s be honest, there are certain parts of my body I have learned to accept – my freckles for one. As a child I struggled with them but now I embrace them. I love them, and I’m very proud of my unique look. While I wore more makeup on my wedding day then I do on a regular Saturday I didn’t wear a heavy foundation because I wanted my freckles in those photos. I’ve learned to accept my face shape, my nose, and how I don’t have the adorably round face that Selena Gomez was born with. I have learned to accept that nose, and hip bones, and height, can only be changes with surgery. There is no medical, or health, reason for me to do this. So I accept this. What I do not have to accept is my health, my weight, my muscle tone. The quality of my body does not have to be something I just accept.


I will accept others as they are.

I accept that I cannot change other people. If a friend wants to go to the gym, study a new subject I can help them. I can encourage them. But, I cannot change that person. I accept that is who they are. I don’t have to subject myself to toxic people if they are what they are. I can screen my friends; I can be proactive to only keep certain types of people in my inner circle. But, I don’t fret when I can’t see eye to eye – they are who they are. This is a regular challenge (I think they call it growing up).


I will support diversity and freedom of expression in the way people think, look and live.

I support the first amendment fervently. But as I said above, I do not have to subject myself to toxic people. I appreciate discussion when both parties are there to learn and challenge themselves as much as challenge the other person’s way of thinking. When I was in high school a good girlfriend of mine and I would sit at lunch and talk about religion. While we both grew up in Christian churches we had very different views of how to study and follow Jesus’ teachings. While I believe there is an ideal way to live, and grow a family I support that you can succeed when you are raised in a non-traditional way. It’s harder, so I don’t promote it, but I can appreciate those who have pulled themselves up from those circumstances to succeed.


I will not tolerate physical or mental abuse.

Pretty sure this goes with no explanation. I won’t! I won’t tolerate any form I don’t care if the aggressor is male or female. I don’t care if you think that person deserved it. I will never stand for physical or mental abuse. We have a problem in our world where we do not value life. People are shot over disagreements. Life is the most amazing thing on the planet and we must nurture it.


I will actively participate in efforts to change media programming and advertising that exploit or demean the human body.

I promote HEALTHY bodies. Part of this means I support fat shaming. I do not want to put fat unhealthy people on a pedestal. Saying they are brave for going to the beach in a bikini when they are obese. I will not support ad campaigns that pander to diversity for the sake of political correctness. We must praise healthy fit bodies.


I will work to improve the lives of individuals, communities and the environment.

First, I work to improve my life. Next, I work to improve my family and friends lives. Then, I volunteer and offer my services to my community. Lastly, I support efforts to help our planet and leave a better one for our children.


I will support programs that encourage good health through proper nutrition, regular exercise and adequate sleep.

Of course! Cooking is my meditation, providing healthy nourishment to my family is my calling. I get so much joy out of cooking dinner for my husband. Constantly looking for the next delicious meal. We are a lazy society, we need to get up off our bums and move! We were built to move. We evolved to be masters of this world. When we just sit, at desks, in cubical, on the couch, in the car for hours and hours on end what are we doing to ourselves? And, I love sleep, I love quality sleep. I will never sleep shame. Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. Your body will love you for it. And I’m so grateful for a husband who lets me sleep



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