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A Month In The Car With My Husband

So, if you’re from the Midwest you should remember how terrible the winter of 2013-2014 was. My husband and I had just closed on our new house in the fall of 2013 excited to kick off 2014 with wedding planning, small home renovating, and just generally enjoying OUR home. That winter was a huge lesson in communication to our relationship.

As I said before – I don’t like driving, I get nervous driving. Is there snow on the ground? Then I’m white knuckled terrified. And, it certainly didn’t help when I hit black ice on Christmas Eve and slid into a guard rail (it’s cool, I had only just bought that car the day before)

So, here I am, in a little GM spark roller skate of car for the foreseeable future.  Every morning we wake up, throw on our snow boots, spend an hour clearing our massive driveway (why did we buy this house?) and then I would drive Him to work, continuing on to my own job, work 8 hours, pick up Ryan up and head home. Some days we were in the car for 2-3 hours just chillin’ in slow snowy traffic.

Why was I driving my husband to work? Oh, because I was terrified and he was worried about me. After my first accident my husband spent a lot of time teaching me to drive so I could just be a more aware and confident driver – now he gets the task of making a me a Winter driver. Ryan may not have enjoyed this task – and most mornings I think he was frustrated he was stuck being in a car with my crappy driving when he could have just taken his own car and fared better in the snow, he probably could have gotten there faster and certainly with less frustration. But he didn’t – he kept letting me because he knew I needed him to feel safe. I needed to hold on to his hand if not physically to feel like I could do this. By the time my car was back from the shop I had a whole new idea of how to handle myself in the snow. I still got nervous but I didn’t cry, I didn’t yell, and I could manage it.

We were sitting at a red light one evening when he took my hand and said “I’m really proud of you, I’m proud of you for not giving up. I knew you could do this”. My husband has faith in me I can’t always find but he brings it out of me. I’m grateful that he is willing to sacrifice for the greater good of our well-being.

My job has always been, and will always be, to make sure he never doubts how much I love, respect, and am thankful for him.


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