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The Pinterest Bride

I’m probably going to write a few times about my wedding – it was only 9 months ago and I put a lot into it. So bare with me. I have lots to say about the best day in my life (so far!)

When we look back to how our mothers and grandmothers ran the house they learned from the previous generation. They also read about recipes and cleaning tips in lady’s home magazines – as a child I would go through stacks of old magazines my mom had and stick pictures I liked to a cork board. I would show her recipes I wanted to try. I’d organize folders with cross stitch patterns.

In today’s modern world this has been replaced by blogs and Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest it’s a social media site where you can upload, save, sort and manage images (which are basically book marks to websites) through collections known as boards. Users can browse the content of others in their feed, follow other’s boards, pin other’s pins… Basically it’s the digital version of me ripping ideas out of hold Better Homes & Garden magazines and sticking them to a cork board and then sharing this cork boards with your friends. Neat? Yes, I love it. I have boards such as “Recipes to try” and “Homeowner” I also have a secret board my followers can’t see called “for hubby’s eyes only” where I pin lingerie ideas I think he’d like if I ever had the month to afford.

Pinterest wedding

When talking about newly engaged girls there are two types of Pinterest users. Those who use it for inspiration and ideas. And those who think this is EXACTLY how a wedding should be planned and I’m going to freak if I can’t get my DIY center pieces as perfect as these pictures I see on the internet.

The thing is there are TONS of really nice, really awesome wedding ideas on Pinterest, but they are picture perfect. No wedding day is every picture perfect. Bridal magazines have nothing on pinterest anymore. The idealistic nature of weddings as the end goal has taken over. Girls are more excited to plan their weddings then their marriages.

But weddings are about so much more than a day and a dress!! They are about family and the guests that come to witness your big day. They are about beginnings and they are about your vows. They are about the days, weeks, or months leading up to it as you plan and make fun memories with bridesmaids and sisters. They are about the future.

Pinterest wedding favors

The Pinterest bride is setting herself up for failure. If I put to use every single idea that I had about my wedding that stemmed from Pinterest I’d still be planning it 9 months later instead of talking kids with my husband. There is so much I didn’t do – from the milk toast the kids were suppose to have, to the list of photos we never got, to the matching yoga pants/bathrobes/tank tops my bridesmaids were going to have the morning of, to the candy bar… to the bridesmaid v groomsmen flip cup tournament after the rehearsal dinner….you get the picture. There is so much I didn’t do. And I don’t regret any of it. It’s fun to think about but it’s silly to stress about. Weddings are about so much more!

Weddings should never be seen as an end, and they should be seen as so much more than a big party.


3 thoughts on “The Pinterest Bride

  1. My wedding will be in July and at times I stress about it being “perfect”, although there’s no such thing. I like the way you wrote that it’s no good to try to copy something that you see online… It just causes too much stress and expectations! X

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    1. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! How exciting for you. I think it’s totally normal to want it to be perfect but you can not forget that the thing that makes the day successful is you go home with a HUSBAND! and candles and cake shouldn’t be your main focus. 🙂

      Best wishes to you and the Fiancé 🙂

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