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The three stories I’m writing

In 2008 my boyfriend and I took our first road-trip. Now, as my husband, we have plans to take many more. Back then I had this spiral bound notebook I use to take to all my classes and doodle in, journal in, generally just scribble in. Along our trip I used it to write down funny licence plates, jokes we made, the times we crossed each state boarder, budgeted the cash for the trip, how many miles we were getting to the gallon – whatever I felt like to keep myself busy in the car for 12 hours. (He prefers to do all the driving himself). The second time we took a trip that journal came along and I wrote about what we did, where we ate, the sites we saw. Eventually I ran out of room because all of these things were mixed in with class notes and project ideas.

The story of our travels


So one day I’m at Staples picking a few things up for work before we left for our 2013 road trip to Texas when I see this super cute leather bound journal. It’s simple, brown, but I fall for it. Not sure why I just love it! This would be Iris and Ryan’s travel journal. All our road-trip adventures would be written here. All our vacation memories – this would be their home.  I scampered home and found that old spiral bound book mixed in with college text books in a box and started re-writing all our stories from that first trip in 2008. I included the things I could remember that I hadn’t written the first time and Ryan helped with some of the fogy details. I even wrote down the budget we used because why not. All of these details made up our first road-trip. Those details told our story.  After scrolling through my Facebook photos and flipping through old planners I felt I had documented all of our adventures so far. Now, any time we pack for a trip, even a weekend away that book comes along, front seat so I can write freely as he drives. And packing for Texas in 2008 there was that book – so I could very excitedly journal about how he proposed the first night of our trip.

The story of my love

I love you because collage

At one point there was an idea on pinterest that really stood out to me.  The premise was that you wrote all the reasons you love your fiance, or all the reason you want to marry them in a book to give him the night before the wedding. Finding this idea only a few months into our 22-month engagement meant I had lots of time. So off to Staples I ran on lunch one day at work. Green is his favorite color, and we had already been talking about a wedding color pallet with lots of greens – so green this book would be. Perfectly matching the travel journal I picked up a beautifully classy green leather bound journal. I tucked it away in my desk at work and every few days pulled it out to write to him. For months and months I wrote. Sometimes daily, sometimes weeks between. Dated, counting down to the wedding I wrote about Him. I promised myself one thing I would never use the word “but” and I believe I kept that promise. I love you for all these reason but…just sounds really unromantic 🙂 So the rehearsal dinner is an hour away and a groomsmen’s wife is rushing me back to my house because I forgot the dang book! Woops. I had a lot on my mind. At the rehearsal dinner after he gave me a beautiful heart shaped necklace to match my wedding band I shyly gave him the book that cost a whole ten dollars and said you don’t have to read it all at once, there is a lot there. He just looked shocked, his face lit up as he flipped through it and realized what it contained. Some time in the middle of the night while I was getting my pre-wedding beauty sleep with bridesmaids in the hotel my phone pinged and I woke up to a wonderful message from a very excited hubby to be. He read the whole thing cover to cover the night before the wedding. I still write in that book – not as much as before but when I remember I write him little love notes. I’m not sure he’s aware – I don’t know if he’s opened it since the wedding but it sits on his bed side table. When I’m overcome with love and gratitude you can find me scribbling away in a simple green journal writing our love story snippets at time.

The story of our lives


I had this idea and it took me literally 7 months to getting around to doing it, but by December 2015 I bought a second, green, journal. This one was different it was a 2015 moleskin datebook. Ryan and I were married in 2015 so it only seemed fitting that’s where our story really started. Whenever something exciting happens, a trip, a promotion, a date night adventure, a pregnancy realized, a child’s dance recital, it will be documented here. Every year we will flip back to the start and record more. Year after year in the same book, on the same pages we’ll track our lives. For now I have weeks of blank pages but we have years ahead of us. Who knows what will end up on the same page years apart. All the happy memories that make up the time we spend together. One day I’m sure each date will have a reason to celebrate something, for now we just make those reasons. Our wedding was the beginning and only God knows the end.


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