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Easter was 45 minutes late

About 3 weeks ago I turned to Ryan and said, “Since we both have 4 days off can we go to my parents for Easter Sunday?” He doesn’t really love traveling on the holidays, he wants to start our own traditions. I find that challenging when he and I have dinner every night all the time just the two of us. I am very excited to start traditions and to cultivate our family – but we have no little ones to dye eggs with yet. So he understands my need to see my family and sit at a big crowded table a few times a year.

A few days later I’m reminded – that my parents wont even be home on Easter – they will be at sister #3’s house in another state. Oh, I knew that so sister #4 jokingly says “Come to my house!” Perfect!

Easter morning we’re off on the 90 minute drive to my sister’s house with crayons and ham packed in the trunk. My niece is 2 and it was about the largest crayola box she’s ever seen so she was pretty stoked.

Sister already had the oven pre-heated. We had the plan set. I’d pop the ham into the oven, we’d set the timer and at different intervals we’d make the potatoes, the veggies, etc. Easy peasy – mom does this, can’t be too hard.


So, 30 minutes into roasting the ham is showing 48 degrees – um, what? Okay, we will wait – we’ll see what happens. We build niece a new stroller she has a little sister on the way.

Brown sugar glaze – nothing else should even be entertained

At 11:30 the plan was glaze the ham, pop in the potatoes, and wait it out until noon. Noon comes — and noon goes. The ham is barely at 100 and the potatoes – far from done. So we decide maybe we microwave the potatoes a bit? Like 10 minutes.

Pro – it was delish! 

By 12:30 the ham is finally starting to temp. My part is done! Success. We set the table, we get little one her food because she will be going down for a nap soon. We check the potatoes – no, not done, maybe we microwave some more?

2 year olds like helping – by seasoning eggs

12:45 we’re calling the potatoes done, the ham is starting to chill, the kid is going down for a nap – and we’re plopping down to eat. It was still yummy.

The wonderful thing is no one complained, no one was upset waiting on food. When you’re a new cook this happens. I’m excited for next year, Sister#4 and I can improve on our timing and expand our menu. Though I’m pretty sure she will have to travel to me because I intend to be the pregnant one on Easter.



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