Be Your Husband’s Caddie

The Masters is this weekend – if you don’t know what that is it is a major golf tournament in Georgia. Both my Twitter and Facebook feed have had quite a few posts about golf and golfers .

A few days ago I was reading about Patrick Reed, a pro golfer, who’s wife use to caddie for him. She was his caddie when he won the Wyndham Championship in 2013. I realized the relationship between a golfer and his caddie is a really great analogy for a traditional marriage.

When you think about the relationship you have the golfer – his job is to golf well enough to win tournaments, this is his job. The caddie is the support. His right hand. His adviser.

When you watch golf you’ll see them chatting to the side, discussing putters, the green, how a hill slopes – but in the end the golfer is the one that takes a putter and makes the swing.

The relationship involves a level of trust that they both have their eye on the prize. The caddie can’t be timid and must call the golfer out when he’s headed in a poor direction but in a respectful way as to not be fired.

Due to this relationship golfers and caddies fine tune their relationship over time and stay together for years.

While golfing is a job, and changes to the team can me made at any time, a wife can learn a lot from a quality caddie.

So the next time he wants to hit the driving range on a Saturday morning remember your job is to advise and know he’s quite capable of making the final decision.


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