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Bourbon Weeknights

We both work – we’re both away from the house from 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday give or take 15 minutes. I leave before him, I get home before him. The difference is that his job stresses him out, and my job I can spend the day on Twitter and Pinterest.

It wasn’t always like this, but this is the drive my husband has, he’s been promoted faster than anyone his department has seen, he’s a Junior Supervisor after only 5 years in the industry. He finds so much of his job enjoyable – but the rest – it’s taxing. The worst thing a wife can do is make home life taxing. He knows I’m at work all day, too, so the laundry isn’t folded when he gets home, the dishes aren’t done every night. The goal is to put that little extra in when I get home before him. Attitude is key.


Today he told me he would be home late, he also said he wanted steak and bourbon for dinner. Which means it was one of those mentally taxing days. Days where he felt stretched thin and won’t want to talk about the deck project tonight or go over the budget I just revamped because we received our tax refund today. No, tonight is a Bourbon night.

On nights like this I do my best to hurry up and get out of work early if possible, I have the flexibility to put in hours at home if I want to scoot out early. A privilege few have. So upon getting home I checked to make sure he had Bourbon in his bar, seasoned up a huge steak, folded the laundry,  and set the table. I played with the dog in the backyard so she’d burn some energy and then straightened up the living room. He came home to a calm house. I wasn’t peppering him with questions I just let him set the tone.

I’m an extrovert, I’m a busy body, and I’m a talker – so this isn’t something that came easily to me early on in our relationship but after 8 years it’s something I think I’m getting better at. Letting your husband set the tone for the night will alleviate a lot of issues if you find yourself antsy or itching to nag. Always respect his job, especially if it’s stressful on him. Not all nights are like this so why huff and puff when he wants a stiff drink on a Monday night. Letting him have a vent session at work and call out his boss’s incompetence to your loyal ear doesn’t mean you can’t also talk about your day, it just means you let him go first.

Currently I’m blogging, about to check some work emails and run a report for my boss I didn’t get time to run earlier today because I scooted out early. My husband is drinking bourbon and yelling profane and crass things into his headset to his best-friend while laughing and playing Rocket League. Life is good because I am always striving to put in that little extra.  Attitude is key.

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