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Wifely tips from the family dog

Puppies are amazing. Who doesn’t like a cuddly puppy who curls up in your lap to snooze while you watch a movie? Dogs are wonderful, smart, loyal animals. As women we can learn a lot from a dog about how to be a better wife.



Dogs freaking love when you get home. It doesn’t matter if you were gone 10 minutes, or you were gone 6 hours – that tail is thumping when you get home. How excited are you when your husband gets home. Do you greet him warmly or do you holler “Hey babe!” from across the house because you’re playing on Twitter? Make him glad to come home and he’ll make you sorry to see him leave.

Dogs don’t hold hold a grudgeWhen you step on a dogs tail accidentally they forgive you in an instant. It’s adorable. You pet them, you scratch behind your ears, and you talk in a super happy voice about how sorry you are and you still love them. They have already forgiven you. When was the last time you forgave your husband so quickly over trivial things? He goes to the store to pick something up and gets the wrong brand. It’s a non-issue, forgive instantly, before he even has a chance to apologize. Above all don’t hold it over your husband’s head. A dog wont. When someone forgives quickly they are forgiven quickly.

Dogs get cuddles because they ask for it. When a dog wants to cuddle she walks right over to you and plops on your lap. Why, as women, are we so scared to just tell our husband what we want? Why do we have to play games hoping our husband picks up on the sign and does what we want him to? Why can’t we just simply ask? Dogs do not have covert contracts. Puppies cuddle when they want to be cuddled. If you want to cuddle your husband get off your butt and move to his end of the couch. Stop sitting so far apart and waiting for him to make a move. He’s your husband make the move!

10649590_10202814215697339_8487322667061729083_nDogs are unconditionally loyal. At the end of everything women are humans with emotions and often lack of logic. We aren’t the most rational. Dogs are rational. Do trick, get treat. They will always be loyal to us and in return we are very loyal to them. The love you give is the love you get. What are you giving your husband?

So ladies, get excited when he comes home – learn to forgive him quicker – spent more time being affectionate – be direct and ask for what you want. Love the way your dog loves and you’ll be loved faithfully.




This post’s inspiration: 5 Things About Relationships I learned From My Dog by Femke Tewari.  Bella Grace – Issue 8. Summer 2016

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