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Review: The Focused Homemaker Course

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of learning from a wonderful homemaker, Jennifer Ross, who runs The Focused Homemaker and the Homemaker’s Academy. She is a cherished wife and mother to 11 children.

I’ll start off by saying if you’re not Christian, or if you’re not comfortable with a little biblical wisdom this isn’t the class for you. This is a course for Christian women. If you don’t mind, or you are Christian I highly recommend the class. 

Jennifer opens enrollment twice a year and with your enrollment you’re sent a beautiful 6 month planner which she details during the course. You also have access to a private forum to chat with women of all ages and backgrounds. Some are like me, newlywed with out children, some are married 20+ years with teenagers. Some women work outside the home, some home school – it’s a wonderful mix of homemakers. It’s also a nice show that being a great homemaker isn’t a mold you force yourself into.

Module 1

In the introduction week there is a video to explain how everything will work . You will have 5-6 videos a week, videos are anything from 5-10 minutes. The video pairs with a written assignment much like a journal. You don’t turn them in, they are simply for your own personal use. Truly thinking about who you are, where you focus your time, what your goals are, and why you are a home maker.  There is a lot of emphasis on taking the class at your own pace. Though if you keep up its easier to get involved in the forum.

Module 2

Week one is all about looking into your self. What is the ideal homemaker to you. How do you prioritize your time. How do you prioritize your husband’s desires. There is an entire assignment on what your husband expects from you. What is his honey-do task list for his wife. I found this to be a wonderful way to sit down and talk with Ryan about his expectations, especially in a Captain/First-mate dynamic relationship. It’s something we can do again in a few months as our family changes and as his expectations will change when I stop working outside the home.

Module 3

Week two takes a look at how you prioritized your week last week and you dig into how you would ideally prioritize your time. Jennifer doesn’t talk about creating a schedule instead it’s about your focus. Where is your focus, what are your priorities? This is also the week you start learning about the beautiful planner she sent you. How it’s organized, what the symbols and check boxes mean, and the best way to capitalize on this organizational tool. This will be unlike any planner you have ever seen. I don’t want to give too much away – this is a paid class, but there are  few pics up on my twitter.

Module 4

Week three talks about multitasking and distractions. Remember, this is called the focused homemaker. The goal is for you to look into how you spend your time, how you focus your time, and how you list your priorities. This week had me really thinking about what the best use of my time is. With this came a small break from twitter. In the evenings when I’m home with Ryan twitter, my phone, my laptop take a back burner more so then before. Twitter is probably the largest distraction for me, personally.


In the end this whole experience took me about 20 minutes a night – or an hour every third night depending on if I kept with one video a day or 3 in a day. The course made me think about the women I am today and the woman I want to be – putting pen to paper and really taking inventory of how I spent my time, and where I wanted to spend it. If we focus on what is a priority we can make it happen. I started the course feeling a little over whelmed about the tasks ahead of me and I left the course feeling capable of being a good, Godly homemaker. I’ll continue to use these videos, and the planner to grow as a wife, and homemaker as our lives change over time.

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2 thoughts on “Review: The Focused Homemaker Course

  1. My biggest problem as a homemaker right now is that I don’t have ENOUGH to do. I feel like my workload is too small to fill an entire day and I’m not sure what I could add to feel like I’m being productive — like yeah, I could start knitting or something but that feels like something that wouldn’t be useful to my family.

    What do you think she would have to say about that?


    1. I could ask her 🙂 But honestly, the thing I loved about the course was digging into my own mindset. If you feel you don’t have enough to do maybe by digging into both your husbands wants and your wants you can find that fulfilling task that makes you feel energized again.


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