5 Ways to Stop Your Migraines (Including 1 Really Sexy Way)

I get migraines – really bad ones. Being sick is the worst, knowing you’re kind of pathetic, and you feel gross. What girl feels sexy after she’s throw up? But, orgasms are wonderful and can sometimes be the perfect thing to get you feeling better.

First off, my migraines for a long time were cycle based. I could almost time them using my tracker app. (And I highly recommend all women have an app – I use Ovia – it’s great for natural family planning). While my doctor can’t quite pinpoint all my triggers we’ve found a few – and the decision was made to take me off the pill a while back. Which meant I had to be more consistent with NFP tracking. I had to know that we would still be on schedule to have a baby when we planned to have a baby and not before. The migraines became less intense after I went off the pill, but they were still around.

I have more than one trigger – barometric pressure is another, a quick shift in the weather can send my sinuses into a tailspin and leave me nauseous from light sensitivity. But I don’t want to be incapable of helping out around the house. I don’t want to be the helpless wife that cries “woe is me”. So I do my best to power through, and it sucks. Thankfully I have an awesome husband who gets this, and picks up slack when I’m sick.

But there’s a little something else he does that’s fantastic and probably something my male readers could take notes on.

He get’s me off.

Super simple!

So I’m going to break this down while trying not to be too graphic. If your girl gets migraines, real ones – not some lame “Oh I have a headache not tonight babe” you can be super helpful.

Track her cycle – If you’re in a LTR I urge both parties to be tracking ovulation. You don’t need as detailed of an app, just mark the days on the calendar and read up a little on how females reproductive systems work. If you’re a smart guy (and I know you are cause you read my blog) you will start noticing the patterns.

Drugs – If you live in separate homes it’s really nice if you have whatever she needs on hand. Excedrin, aspirin, whatever. If she’s over and gets a migraine you can still make a fun night out of cuddling up and watching a movie.

Steam – Sinus based migraines love steam. Shower or bath, doesn’t matter – and this can be a couple’s activity. Encourage her to go soak in the tub and join her if you can fit. Back rubs are a must. For me this means hot showers that steam up the bathroom with my husband.

The Rub Down – Start massaging in the least sexy areas and work your way slowly to the sexy areas. Resistance, especially when she’s sick, is common, she’s not going to feel sexy. So take as much time as you need. This isn’t a race. Help her get there mentally by not jumping right into it. As long as she is pampering you on a regular basis it’s okay to beta up once in a while and pamper her in return.

The Orgasm – As the medication does it’s job the goal is a shift in her attitude. This is about making the woman you love feel better – providing and protecting her as only her man can. You may or may not have anything reciprocated the first few times you do this (It’s cool, she can make it up to you when she’s feeling better). You want it to be a good one. Pay attention to her body and the little things it does as you build up to it. Ideally you leave her giggling or gasping for breath with a clear head and shaky legs.

LTRs and marriage mean you see a side of your spouse other’s don’t. You see the vulnerability and the sick days, and it’s not always pretty. But she should trust in you to help her feel better. It’s a good sign when she does.

Until next time,
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Cover photo credit Patrick Denker

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