8 years of dating! (and 8 ways to celebrate your relationship everyday)

8 years ago tonight Ryan took me out for a fancy shmancy dinner. It was the first time in the almost 2 years we had been sporadically dating! Sure, he’d bought me dinner and I’d made him dinner in this time frame – but everything had been quite casual in our time together. This was the night he pulled me in and said – just you and me moving forward. Everyone else is staying in our wake. 

We still celebrate our anniversary even though we’ve added a new one in May. Last year, our first September after getting married I posed the question to Facebook friends “Married couples do you still ‘celebrate’ your dating anniversary or do you just stick to the wedding day anniversary?”

The answers I got ranged from Wedding. It’s the Most important. It’s hard keeping track of the others to Wedding only, it’s just easier for all.

Well – that’s crap.

But then the mother of a dear grade-school friend posted this: As someone who has been married to the same wonderful man for almost 33 years, I suggest doing a small celebration every day or two….doesn’t have to be much…simple things like delivering a favorite snack with a smile or sending a quick note to tell him what a great guy he is. Just let each other know regularly how much you both appreciate one another.

Every day is a day to celebrate your relationship, just ask anyone who’s been married more than 20 years. Here are a few ways you can celebrate.

You started dating!

Celebrate when it kicked off. Whether it was the first date, or the first kiss – maybe you remember the first time he said “I love you” and so you put a gushy note in his lunch box on that date to remind him of how much you love him. You don’t have to limit yourself to any one anniversary.

You got home early from work!

Hit up the grocery store on your way and whip up a favorite dessert with your extra 30 minutes to surprise him after dinner.

He mowed the lawn!

Celebrate him and his awesome hard work.  It takes about an hour or more to handle the yard work each weekend and my guy does it faithfully. When he comes in sweaty and ready to shower off jump in with him and show some appreciation.

You had a good day!

Share the joy of your day with your favorite man. Let him be present in your good mood radiate that joy with him while your relationship soaks in the good.

You had a bad day!

Sucky days happen, but celebrate it because he was there when you needed to cry. Because he picked you up from the side of the road when some nasty person veered out of their lane (two days before my wedding mind you!) Celebrate with him because life is sometimes hard but he’s got your back.


You own nice china!

You have nice china from your wedding. Set the dinner table with a bread and butter plate. Use the nice napkins. You own them. Light some candles. Drink some wine.

It’s happy hour!

And drinks are way cheaper at happy hour! But really, every hour can be happy hour in your relationship. Pick out a cute drink recipe on line and pick up the fixings to surprise him on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Nice weather!

Set up dinner on the deck, or the porch. Eat al fresco. Grill up a nice cut of meat. Use a new spice mix. Celebrate the beautiful day and avoid the electronics for a while.


It’s not about celebrating the same way every day, it’s about finding something in every day to celebrate – So how will you celebrate today?


Until next time,
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