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Happily Tied Down

“It’s a great thing, this being a parent, and it’s a big job. We cannot afford to sidestep it because it’s such an opportunity; such an adventure and such a chance to grow.”

My great-grandmother said that – in a PTA meeting back in the 30s. I found a typed copy of her talk in a box of other keepsakes while cleaning this past weekend. In that talk, she also shared a poem she enjoyed. One that she found was filled with gratitude.


It was a fitting moment to find it. I was in the midst of cleaning with a very serious goal in mind. Creating a space for a nursery.

Just before Thanksgiving, we found out we are expecting our first child. We announced to family and close friends around the holidays. Today I saw my OB again and happy to say I’m safely in the second trimester.

What comes next? All the joy in the world I hope. I’ll keep you updated as we go along in this journey, though.

How far along?  14 weeks 1 day
Times R has called the insurance company: 2
Maternity clothes? Not yet. My sister, also expecting in July, is happily calling me a jerk for this.
Stretch marks? No. Daily lotion and a collagen boost in my water to prepare me for what’s ahead.
My girlfriend warned me – I did not believe her. I’m exhausted. It’s an odd kind of exhaustion when I’m not mentally tired but I’m physically drained early in the evening. Winter certainly doesn’t help. They say this starts to go away in the second tri. So fingers are crossed. I have thankfully been able to keep up with my Wednesday night fitness class which is always a joy in my week.
Best moment to date: Telling my parents was such a joy on Christmas. Baby 5 is giving them grand-baby 5. Telling the bridesmaids was fun as well – Seeing everyone’s reactions. Though many friends have said “I knew it! There was something, I just knew it!” Oh well, I’m not as sneaky as I think 🙂
Miss Anything? I was a little bummed I could not cheers my friend on the delivery of her baby boy earlier this week, my husband drank the celebratory wine from her baby shower instead. (I may have had the tiniest of sips)
Movement: Beeb is much too small for me to feel, but my pregnancy app says s/he is moving quite a bit.
Food cravings: Nothing drastic. Maybe a little more sweets than usual.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Happy to say I’ve left the 1st tri morning-sickness-less. Not once. (Again, my sister loves calling me a jerk) A few moments where a smell got to me though. Whoever microwaved fish at work can be fired.
Have you started to show yet: R has certainly noticed some happy changes. 😉 But No, not really.
Looking forward to: A second tri that’s calm and relaxed – and announcing our pregnancy publicly in some cheesy way on facebook.
Weird unsolicited advice: None yet.





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