Why I’m Against Female Conscription – A Response

Saw this article and just had to provide my responses – You can click the link at the end or not (cause who wants to give her clicks) but it’s all here in quotes.

Parents of daughters: listen up. There’s something going on in our Congress right now that you probably want to know about, but might not have. Perhaps with all of the other major events we’ve been hit with recently this has slipped under the radar. But this is a doozie.

Today, the Senate voted to approve a bill that would require all young women to register for the draft when they turn eighteen. Female conscription. Did you know that was even up for a vote? I didn’t. But when I read the news tonight, I found my hands shaking.

Perhaps you should pay attention to the news lady – this has actually been getting pretty good traction since even the debates were going on last year for the POTUS. But whatever – let’s see what you think of it.

Right now, these lawmakers are deciding the future of my little girls, who are two and eight years old. Reading the senators’ callous quotes about fair is fair and don’t women want equality, my blood started boiling.

Well you dont — and you’ll even explain below why you don’t want equality

Parents of boys: This is not to say that I think your sons should be drafted. This is a post about lawmakers picking and choosing when they want women to “be equal.” We aren’t treated equally in the workplace, but we should be equal during war? They can’t have it both ways.

Um – Actually! You are LEGALLY treated equally in the workplace. If you aren’t you have an awesome case to sue your employer. And you SHOULD sue your employer if you are not legally treated equally. Cause – that’s the law. You just can’t legislate how people socially treat you, and you never will. Sorry about that hun. People’s feelz can’t be legislated.

So here is my letter to the Senators who have decided what is “best” and “fair” for our daughters, and are using the call for women’s equality to their advantage.

Dear Senate: Here’s Why I Say NO to Female Conscription My princess is not a soldier.

Your….. Princess…. brb giggling. (deep breath) okay – now please tell me how your Princess is equal but this isn’t about equality.

Look, I’m all about gender equality – I am a woman after all. But let’s be real: we don’t have gender equality yet in the United States.

Source, please. We have all the same legal rights as a man – we do! LEGALLY we are the same. Can someone please PLEASE name one legal right a man has that a woman does not. You can’t?? YAY! Feminism, mission accomplished!!

This is a society where statistically, females are paid significantly less than males for the same jobs.

Again, if a female is paid significantly less than a male PLEASE sue your employer and cite The Equal Pay Act of 1963. Cause that’s ILLEGAL to do to a female.

This is a society where it is nearly impossible for a woman to properly raise a newborn and keep her job.

First off, unless you work for a company of less than 50 people you are ENTITLED to the FMLA which means you can leave for 12 weeks in a span of 52 weeks to focus on family. Your job is guaranteed! During that time they may not pay you (because you’re not working) but they can’t fire you, and they can’t reorg so your job is magically gone when you come back, either)

Second, raising a newborn is a FULL TIME JOB! Newborns aren’t really ready to human quite yet. Some even call it a fourth trimester. So you have a choice — I thought feminists were about the right to choose? You have every right to CHOOSE to raise a newborn, drop it at daycare, or not even have one. Hell, you can abort for the law lets you.

This is a society that teaches our little girls that the most fabulous thing a woman can be in life is a princess.

Actually, you were the one that calls her a princess, maybe you should stop doing that if you don’t want her to think that’s all she should be. I can hand you a mirror if you need one.

So, let me get this straight. We condition our little girls to be princesses…and then potentially force them to go fight at war?

YOU conditioned your daughter to be a princess…. again, do you need a mirror?

I hate the idea of anyone sending their child off to war. Like just about everyone in this country, I have family members and friends who served multiple overseas tours of duty and I know that it was torture for their parents. I don’t think any parent deserves that.

So why do you never mention that perhaps we should just lose conscription overall? Or are you cool with boys still having it. Because you’ve made no case about removing the draft from something MEN are required to do at 18. Additionally what about trans, or non-binary folks? Like, the people that somehow aren’t men or women? Should they be drafted?

I’m also not saying that women shouldn’t be allowed to serve on the front lines, should they want to and are physically able to do so. But how can we force women to be fighters, when their society has told them for their whole lives that they are meant to do just the opposite?

Let’s be real when was the last time anyone was drafted — and when men were drafted they still had to be physically FIT to go to the front line so whatever – if they aren’t they don’t go to the front line. This point is stupid. Also, YOU are the one telling your child she can’t be physically fit.

And honestly, there are some cases where men and women aren’t equal…and that’s ok. Men can’t birth babies. Women should be guaranteed maternity leave that isn’t a joke.

WAIT?!?! What?! We’re not equal — Mind, fucking, BLOWN!!!! Are you telling me your princess should just hang out at home and birth babies because men can’t? How sexist are you?

But again, that is instance where the argument for women’s equality has been used in a way that is not actually beneficial to women.

Women’s equality should only be used to benefit women? When it doesn’t benefit us then soccer mom doesn’t want it.

Continuing on the subject of inequality, there’s the physical aspect of it, which we can only do so much to change even if we wanted to. There’s no getting around the fact that as a whole, males have more muscle mass and more testosterone, which translates to greater strength. It doesn’t matter how hard I lift weights or how much protein I chug, I’ll never be bigger or stronger than my husband.

No shit soccer mom! Men, and Women are different!!! YAY! You’re kinda getting it

I do want to say that I’ve known some pretty badass girls over the years that could probably give many male soldiers a run for their money. My incredible roommate during my stay in Mexico fought off a male attacker when we were mugged in the street. But realistically, that’s not what our culture trains girls to do.

STOP SAYING OUR CULTURE! You’re the one perpetuating this Princess attitude — Women are SHOVED into STEM, into “boy” things at such a young age cause we must promote EQUALITY!

My oldest daughter is the most petite girl in her class every year. She’s sensitive and terrified at the sight of even the smallest speck of blood (mosquito bites can be cause for a meltdown). She lives and breathes all things princess. How can you tell me that this little girl should be shipped out to battle with hardened soldiers?

Well maybe you should toughen your little “princess” up – do you think that maybe she lives and breaths princess because you shoved it down her throat from the first time she could hold her head up and watch a Disney movie?

Senators: imagine your little princess struggling under the average foot soldier’s load of 87 to 127 pounds (which might be more than her own body weight). Can you imagine that? I can’t. I don’t want to.

Note – according to soccer mom women will never be able to lift their own body weight…. nope, just not physically possible, no matter how much protein you drink and plates you deadlift.

Perhaps it won’t be an issue, regardless of what happens when this bill and Congress’ military bill (which does NOT include a provision for the female conscription) go before a special House committee. We can only pray that our country never has the reason to re-instate the draft.

But if they do are you cool with MEN being drafted? Because again – you’ve said nothing to that topic. Heaven forbid we have all 18yos in the country register regardless of anatomy or feelz because that’s the legally equal thing to do. Remember according to Soccer Mom – equality should only be used when it actually benefits women.

But is that a chance we want to take?

Meh, I guess I’m willing – when was the last time we had the draft.

I tell my girls that they can be anything the want to be when they grow up, and I truly mean that. If they want to be a soldier, then this mom will toughen up and deal with it. However, my daughters have wholeheartedly embraced all the pink and princesses and rainbows and butterflies and all of the other “girlie stuff” that has been marketed to them since before they were old enough to even tell us what they like. So I don’t see that happening.

You tell your daughters they are princesses! YOU called them that! You just wrote a whole piece about how your princesses should never be soldiers.

You can’t tell our little girls that they are princesses, and expect them to grow into soldiers.

No one is calling your stupid kid a princess except you!

You pretend you’re promoting “women’s equality,” when all you’re really doing is promoting your own agenda.

Isn’t that exactly what feminism does?! I’m laughing so hard I had to stop and cough.

Happy Friday Loves!!!



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