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When The Scale Makes You Think

I’m one of those lucky girls. Well proportioned with little effort. Got my dad’s genetics. I was lanky in high school but in college filled in more. I went to the OB Friday and – while it shouldn’t be any shock – I’ve gained weight.

I had a moment of emotional distress. I had to take a moment. It was weird. I’ve never fought with the scale. I’ve never feared the scale. I eat well enough to maintain and I stay active.

But something about seeing that number, 138, was hard.

I’ve heard all the advice. If you breastfeed you lose it so quickly.  It’s healthy to gain weight because you’re growing an entire human. Yes, I know, but I still felt a little lost.

I’m at that point in my life where weight loss probably won’t come as easily as it did in college. I’d skip some carbs, I’d hit the gym, and I’d be fine. But now, I’m almost 30 and I’m happily mucking all my hormones up with a pregnancy – so adjustments must be made.

When we’re young we take a lot for granted but the truth is those building blocks need to be in place earlier than we ever put them. Habits are formed in high school, in college, and now I’m wondering how easy it will be to change them. Our bodies aren’t indestructible, as we think they are in adolescence.

A few years ago I started making the conscious effort to simply cook more at home, but the truth is, even cooking at home can be as terrible as eating out. You can eat just as terribly and for less money! Cooking at home doesn’t automatically mean you are saving your body the heartache of fat, sodium, and sugar.

The wake up of  – you’re getting older, and you haven’t formed the habits you wanted to by this point in your life – was a little shocking. But I’m not dead yet, and I’m not fat yet. So I have that going for me 🙂


Baby stats for the interested 🙂 We’re headed to our anatomy scan tomorrow morning for a check of Beeb’s size and vital organs.

How far along?  18 weeks 6 day
Times R has called the insurance company: 2 (I’ve called 3!!!)
Maternity clothes? Jeans, yes. But my tops mostly fit as I don’t often wear tight fitting tops.
Stretch marks? No. 🙂
Getting way better. R bought me this awesome pregnancy pillow for Christmas and it’s the best thing in the freaking world.
Best moment to date: Registering and picking out furniture with R. He did so much research and I’m in love with the car seat he chose
Miss Anything? Naw
Movement: I think? I’m not sure yet. Nothing is super obvious, but there certainly something going on in there
Food cravings: I have yet to make R run to the store at 3 am for chicken wings, so we’re good there
Anything making you queasy or sick: My dog puked — it was rough
Have you started to show yet: Yes! Weekly bump pics are up on Instagram
Looking forward to: Making a nursery in our home
Weird unsolicited advice: None yet.

Have a great week!!
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Image Credit: Rohit Mattoo

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