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Pre-Pregnancy Body Prep

Heathy mommas produce healthy babies. What you do to/with your body truly impacts your kiddos. Take care of yourself BEFORE you conceive.

Last week  I went on a little twitter rant about how women’s health basically decides the health of her unborn child – and therefore her children. When women have a healthy pregnancy the cost of her child’s healthcare later in life is drastically lower than a child of a woman who did not have prenatal care. It will always be a good ROI to invest in prenatal care.


As a mom, you set your baby up for success by having a healthy pregnancy. Kiddos lungs, heart, brain, even her reproductive system is all determined in your womb. If you don’t give him or her all you can it can’t flourish to all it could be. This is on YOU.

The wonderful @skkathryn asked me to elaborate and talk about some of the things I did to prep for a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

9 Months Pre-Pregnancy

I went off the pill. I would probably have gone off it faster had I done the research I have now but it is what it is. We knew we wanted to conceive in the fall of 2016 so I kicked off 2016 BC free. I read up on Natural Family Planing and ovulation tracking. Many women successfully plan a family with their husband using nothing but NFP but I was new to it so we also used a barrier method on occasion. Annoying, sure, but it worked for our plan.

I’d been on the pill since …. like 2008. I honestly didn’t know what kind of person (hormonally) I would be off it. We wanted to know I didn’t have the crazy immature mood swings I had freshman year of college. We wanted to know I was still regular off the pill. Thankfully my transition was very uneventful. While it’s possible to become pregnant the month you go off the pill it’s nice to have that time off to see what your body is like by its self without all those hormones being pumped in. My husband, the engineer, calls it “benchmarking”. (Sexy, hmm?)

6 Months Pre-Pregnancy

I upped my workouts – cardio, weight lifting, and yoga. Just about every woman in America could lose 10 pounds of fat and not fall under weight. So do it. It’s a struggle if you’ve never committed to a BF% goal, but your fertility peaks when your body fat is around 18-21%. This also gives you room to gain back some fat during the pregnancy in preparation to breastfeed. Milk is fat – so your body needs to build some up.

Squats, especially with weights, and yoga will help with labor strength. Once you’re pregnant you can continue to work out with your OB/Midwife’s okay. Yoga will have to be a pre-natal modification due to the changes in your hips and core but keep doing those squats!

3 Months Pre-Pregnancy

Started on prenatal vitamins. While the health of your eggs are more or less decided while you are still in your momma’s womb there are other ways to prep for a healthy baby. Folic acid is the biggest. A good number of miscarriages are attributed to lack of folic acid. Personally, I take One A Day brand but there are lots of good ones out there. The reason I selected it was because it’s a trusted brand and all over good multi-vitamin, but also because they pair it with a DHA for Fishy’s brain development.


We went on vacation!!! In October R and I packed up and spent a week in Florida relaxing. Some people plan “babymoons” for the second trimester but why wait? For us, this was a bit of a last hoorah and we made the most of it. I didn’t worry about the diet or avoiding booze, I just let loose with my husband and had a blast. We didn’t want it to be “work” we just wanted it to be FUN! No pressure. We weren’t bummed when that first try came back negative because we had a pretty awesome vacation.

We conceived in November (I’m due in late July) right on schedule for our Summer baby. My body was ready, I was excited, and here I am at week 23 getting kicked by Fishy while I write this 🙂 Life is good.

Have a great week!!
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Photo credit: Fishy at 10 weeks 🙂







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