Hi! I’m Iris – a newlywed living in the Midwest with my husband, an engineer. He’s my life and we’re so happy to be living our lives together. We have a traditional marriage and I’ll be blogging all about it.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear, Iris. I understand that you are a traditional wife. Do you feel that your traditional ways are the only correct ways in marriage? Sometimes whenever I read more traditional posts, I get the impression that these women tend to try and challenge the status quo by trying to prove to everyone that they aren’t the stereotypical doormats. I know you will obviously deny being a doormat, but you have made for yourself a very apparent role for yourself as a women. Ultimately, are women meant to be stay at homes moms in your views? Happily cooking and cleaning waiting at the door like puppies till their wonderful husband gets home, dinner waiting for him?
    Lol. Also I noticed that you included “This is trouble” for men. I agree with some of his points: be masculine, and make something out of yourself. But why promote a man who dates/sleeps around? No women wants a male slut for a long term relationship.


    1. Etoile,

      Thank you for your comment.

      While all relationships are unique I personally will always recommend a Captain/First Mate dynamic. The status quo has already been challenged with the rise of feminism, divorce, and general disrespect toward men and their place in society. As for being a doormat I’ve actually never been called one (to my face lol). When my husband is being bullheaded and stubborn I’m typically the first person to stand up to him, the difference is I often do it in the privacy of our home. If I need to stand up to his decision in public I always do it in the most respectful way possible. I don’t degrade him, I don’t bitch about him or bash him to my friends while we drink wine and giggle during girls night out as some girls do. My husband is a wonderful man who deserves all my respect. He earned it years before he ever proposed. I will never make my husband earn my respect again, he already has it.

      To your second point, me being a stay at home wife, or mother, is a luxury for him. I’m never waiting like a puppy because I’m busy, often hands dirty in the garden, fixing things around the house, cleaning, taking care of the dog, future children (should we be blessed with them). I handle the chores around the house so when he comes home from work he doesn’t have to think about it. We can go to the movies, play video games, take walks, hit the gym, enjoy our time together. We can take mini weekend vacations any time we want because I can take care of the chores all week long. We are both able to keep up with our own personal hobbies in the evening as well.

      I am the maintenance woman around here I know how to do light pluming, change electrical outlets, maintain my car. I am our book keeper I budget for the family and balance the checkbook, I ensure all the bills are paid correctly and on time. I’m the nutritionist in this family researching menus and shopping, providing my family quality food that keeps us healthy and at the weight we want to be at. Being a homemaker is so much more than dinner on the table but I do take a lot of joy in that part because cooking is a love of mine.

      Kyle, who blogs at ThisIsTrouble is a good friend, I enjoy his perspective on life and traveling. But, his blog is written for men, and my blog is written for women so we blog about very different things.

      I appreciate you reaching out


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